My Second First Indoor Grow: Part 1

After the last post, I made one last attempt to save my grow and tried to do some training. The plants had grown too strong and tall, and training was unfortunately all but impossible that late into the grow process. I tried saving one viable plant, but a branch snapped off that plant as well. Finally, I lost patience and decided that it might be best to completely start from scratch. 

Blue Dream

My First Indoor Grow! Part 1: The Beginning

Several years ago, when I first moved from PDX back to California, I decided I was going to try my hand at growing my own weed in my back yard. I found a local farm where I could pick up some pure CBD AC/DC plants, and added a few other strains to experiment with. Everything seemed to be going just fine until I found the first caterpillar. It was all downhill from there. After harvesting the plants and starting to trim, I discovered the true scale of the problem, and everything went into the trash. I had been defeated.