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I Took A Half-Assed Break From Smoking, Read About It – Mrs. Nice Guy

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Shortly after the holidays, while everyone else was trying to improve themselves for the New Year, I was thinking about taking a break from smoking. I had almost 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Years and I was in a yuletide haze the whole time. I was also sick during those to weeks, and the weed helped take away some of those symptoms I was feeling. So when I felt better, I felt like my normal intake wasn’t doing enough. I only let myself get a certain amount of weed at a time, I have to budget and ration, because LIFE. Since I felt like my tolerance had plateau’d I thought that when I ran out of the stuff I had, that I’d stop smoking. So little by little I let my stash get smaller, edibles included. Everyone smokes for different reasons, some for stress and anxiety, some for pain caused by arthritis, and some for more serious issues. Then there’s your regular smoker who just likes to be high. I smoke weed for fun, pain, and for stress and anxiety. Often times I feel like my mind is always running, so smoking helps me chill the fuck out. Insignificant things that would often irk me, would suddenly disappear.

I’ve never done a marijuana cleanse by choice, and in the past when I’d have to stop smoking to find a job I never paid attention to the withdrawal symptoms I was having, or if I had any at all. I decided that instead of doing a full on cleanse, that I would just cut back a little to see what would happen to my tolerance level. When I do a cleanse, I want to do it right and be prepared because I want to pay attention to the withdrawal symptoms and come up with a guide on how to get through a week of not smoking. Maybe eventually I can do a 30 cleanse, no promises on that front. Ladybud came up with “The Cannabis Cleanse: 10 Tips For a New Years Cleanse Or Prep For A Urine Test“, and in it there are some tips on how to get through a cleanse like: exercise, staying hydrated, and eating right. They also let you know what to watch out for: irritability, sleeplessness, and sometimes even depression. So as my stash faded away slowly, I decided to stop buying weed altogether and told myself that the only time I would smoke was when I was offered. The last time I picked up any weed was well before Christmas, when I ran out it was January 2nd.

I went that whole two weeks only smoking once a day (sometimes every other day), which I hadn’t done in ages, it was new to me. What I experienced after that was a big bought of laziness. This could’ve been because during my time off I had been waking up after 11 a.m., so my body wasn’t used to my regular 8-3, or it was the lack of THC. Aside from laziness I felt like I didn’t care about much, and felt more sensitive to what was going on around me. Even if it had nothing to do with me, everything affected my mood, and often times not in a good way. I stopped working out, something I had been doing during that two week break. I even caught myself eating poorly. If I am being 100% honest, my diet isn’t always 100% healthy, but I’m usually mindful of what I eat and don’t cheat myself if I want something. Though I wasn’t always posting on the daily, updating Mrs. Nice Guy wasn’t interesting to me either. Why blog about weed when you can’t smoke it? I was just the laziest time-bomb, waiting to explode. Did I mention how horribly I had been sleeping? That also could’ve been because my body had to get back to it’s normal schedule, but I figured after a couple days it’d be back to normal…NOPE. How could I sleep with out my usual 9 pm night cap? Not sleep, that’s what. I did notice that my dreams have been much more vivid, if dreams are something you’re into. I love talking about dreams, so that was actually a positive for me.

Thursday the 15th I finally broke down and restocked. The weekend prior to that I had made some new friends who also happened to smoke, not only had it been nice to chill with friends and enjoy a session after work, but I felt bad for not contributing. And the biggest thing? I WAS SICK OF FEELING LACKADAISICAL. The last few days, during after work sessions with my new friends, I felt like my tolerance had lowered a decent amount, yes SUCCESS! I wanted a lower tolerance and I got it, but was that a good thing? Well since that was my intention, yes it’s a good thing. But…when you forget that your tolerance has lowered even a significant amount it’s not…HAHA! Instead of starting off slow, I went back to smoking like I was before and boy was that an adventure. I didn’t feel so high I couldn’t do anything, I just felt high enough that if I was focused on one thing, like writing, that’s all that I was focused on. I got home today at 11 a.m. and since then I’ve been watching old movies (right now Rocky is on) and writing, it’s now 4:30. In that time I also ate and was able to get a few other tasks done.

I was happy with how much I was able to cut back and hope that soon I can go a full 7 days and document that for you guys. Have any of you ever cut back? How’d it go?

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