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Product Review: Eyce Silicone Beaker – Mrs. Nice Guy

When picking out a bong the choices can be daunting because there are so many to choose from! And if you’re like me there are a few things to consider: price, size, quality, and material it’s made out of and function. Price and quality are a big factor for me because I want something that will last, but I don’t want to spend too much money, and let’s face it the most quality made ones are often the most expensive.

Glass bongs have always been my #1 choice, since I smoke alone it’s easy to load a small bowl and take it to the heeeeeeeead. The biggest problem with glass is being careful because you don’t want to crack or break it, something I and many others have done A LOT OF FUCKING TIMES. What happens when a bong breaks? You have to replace it! Sometimes you have the money and sometimes you don’t and that can suck.

What if I told you that there’s a bong on the market that can ease your frustrations and at a decent price?

In the last couple years I noticed silicone bongs becoming more popular and wondered how well they worked. I do own a Roll Uh Bowl, but rarely use it. The Roll Uh Bowl is a collapsable bong that you can stick in your pocket and use on the go. Functional yes, but since it’s collapsable and has thinner material you can’t get too rough with it (full review of the Roll Uh Bowl coming soon).

Enter the Eyce Beaker ($69.99)  a resilient silicone bong that I consider a game changer. The Eyce Beaker has a platinum cured silicone body with a 14mm borosilicate glass downstem and bowl. Some of the cool features of the Eyce Beaker include a large hidden stash jar and rolling tray/dab pad which can be found at the bottom of your piece, a magnetic ring to hold your lighter located by the bowl, a stainless steel poker and an ice catcher to make every bong hit nice and cool. The Eyce Beaker comes in a variety of colors that all feature a sort of tie-dye motif, mine came in the Unicorn Pink color.

Silicone bongs are awesome because you don’t have to be as careful as you do with glass pieces. They’re tougher so they’re not as prone to cracks and they don’t break if you accidentally drop them. One of the cool things about the Eyce Beaker and other silicone bongs is how easy they are to travel with, you can carry it in a backpack or with your luggage (not that I am condoning you fly with your Eyce Beaker!). Ideal spots to use your beaker? Hiking, camping, beach trips, pesky family trips, during a yoganja session, or you can relax with your Eyce Beaker while you take self care to the next level while you take a bath.

Using the Eyce Beakers is so-so-so easy, you fill the bottom with water making sure you don’t overfill which is something that happened to me. Since the bong is silicone you can’t see inside, something I don’t like but is a non issue because all you have to do is BE CAREFUL. Once you have your water level to your liking you can put some ice cubes into the top of the bong ( was able to fit 3-4 pieces of ice in there) and they’ll stop at the ice catcher, load your nugs into the bowl and smoke your worries away. You can easily convert your Eyce Beaker into a dab rig by replacing the bowl with a nail, here’s a handy video that shows you how.

Another awesome thing about the Eyce Beaker and other silicone pieces is that they’re dishwasher safe making the cleaning process 100 times easier than having to clean glass. You place it in your dishwasher and just run it through the cycle. I didn’t put the glass bowl or downstem in the dishwasher cuz I was afraid they’d roll off the rack and break and didn’t know how much heat they could withstand so I recommend cleaning them the regular way with isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip.

As I mentioned above, I mostly use glass bongs but since I’ve had the Eyce Beaker I haven’t even looked back. I found that the Eyce Beaker hits just as well as a regular bong and since I don’t have to worry about dropping it I can toke a little easier. I honestly love this thing! While the ice catcher isn’t a new feature because you can put ice in many bongs, I think it’s a cool marketing tactic, especially since Eyce also sells their Eyce Mold because it stays on brand. I love ice cold bong hits so I am in love with the ice catcher.

The Eyce Beaker is a great piece for tokers on the go because they can free up space by using the stash jar, in place of small containers. The stash jar is located at the very bottom of your bong, it’s a 2 piece “jar” and inside there are 4 sections you can use for your bud or concentrates, you might even be able to fit some prerolls in there. The dab/stir tool is located at the very bottom of the stash jar. Above the stash jar there’s a small space where you can fit your glass bowl, dab nail if converting to dab, or lighter for safekeeping if you’re on the go as well.

Kudos to the Eyce company for also including the magnetic ring holder because even if you just used it, you can never find your fucking lighter! The other night I took a couple bong rips, place the lighter on the magnetic holder and still forgot where it was until I was like OH DUH THERE IT IS!

The only other thing I didn’t like about this bong and it’s the SMALLEST thing is that it does attract pet hair because of the material it’s made out of. It’s easy to remove so I won’t be giving this sucker away anytime soon! I’ve gushed enough about how awesome the Eyce Beaker is so try one for yourself or get this as a gift for a friend. Like the slogan says “DURABILITY THAT RIPS”.

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