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Support The 420 Games And Get A Free “Marijuana Is Not A Crime” Sticker – Mrs. Nice Guy

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The 420 Games, sponsored by Weed Maps, are an athletic event series centered around the support of healthy marijuana use in an active adult lifestyle, started by Jim McAlpine, founder of Snowbomb.com. With the growing number of states legalizing marijuana recreationally and medically, and marijuana use becoming more common, their mission is to celebrate the positives of responsible marijuana use, start the conversation, and to debunk myths and the misinformation that’s out there. They’re trying to change common misconceptions about who smokes marijuana and why. The 420 Games will also focus on prevention of marijuana use by minors. I think it’s very interesting that they chose athletic events to spread their message, it’s the perfect way to show people that not all marijuana users are lazy stoners. The kickoff event for The 420 Games will be Sep 13, 2014 in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park with a 5K Run/Walk. The race will run you $60 and includes breakfast, a shirt, and after participants will be treated to a beer garden provided by Lagunitas Brewing and a concert by Zaparella, an all female Led Zeppelin cover band.  The 420 Games are planning on having a full series of events through Cali, the tour will be stopping in: San Diego, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Lake Tahoe. In 2015 they plan on a tour of 8-10 major cities across the country. Other events will include: a cruiser bike marathon, an urban decathlon, a stand up paddle board race, and a full and half marathon that they whimsically call the “marijuanathon”.

The reason I am posting about The 420 Games is to help spread awareness for their cause, if you’re a regular reader you know that part of what I am also trying to do is show people that not all marijuana users are burnouts. Right now you can help show your support by emailing your mailing address to info@420Games.org and you’ll receive a couple free MARIJUANA IS NOT A CRIME stickers:

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I have a couple of them and was so happy with how fast I received them. If you’re in any of the areas The 420 Games will be at, please let us know if you participated and how much fun you had! If you’d like to know more about The 420 Games, please check out their site and show your support. They deserve it, they’re trying to help normalize marijuana use and that’s something that should be appreciated. They aren’t trying to encourage people to smoke, just trying to educate the public. Let’s hope they can make it up to Washington or Oregon soon. Would any of you participate? DON’T FORGET TO EMAIL info@420Games.org TO GET YOUR FREE STICKER(S)!!!

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